The month of March saw us take on a project that was very different from what we have done in the past. 

This event consisted of a variety of disciplines including, lighting, sound and special effects to make the event stand out from any other in the country. 

Backed by a really strong and enthusiastic team we managed to make it a day no-one could forget. 

The football match took part on a very sunny, Sunday bank holiday for two amazing charities in support of the West Midlands Air Ambulance and The British Heart Foundation. Backed by R.K. Lewis Transport and the Lewis family. 

We supported the event right from the off where we worked along side the Lewis family, Cheltenham Town LCI Rail Stadium and many other enthusiastic people and organisations.

We wanted to bring a new aspect to this match you wouldn’t normally see at this level, including:

- Full sound system surround the entire pitch, consisting of 22 Electro-Voice ELX 112 speakers for both music and live commentary to create an atmosphere like none other. 
- A lighting design to suit daytime use at the players tunnel, along the front leading edge of the pitch for photography, eye candy for all the sponsors, VIPs and guests of the event. 
- This topped of with a special effects system including vertical foggers for use throughout the game.

But we couldn’t stop there, we decided to bring pyrotechnics into the equation to the build up the atmosphere before the game to get the crowd going, for when the players arrived on the pitch for the first time, and the raising of the winners trophy. 

All of these elements made for a fantastic event and a day that would support two amazing charities.

We chose to support this event with a 0% profit margin to show our support to the great causes involved.

Thanks to all those who made this event possible, from the amazing crew that worked throughout the day and the suppliers who supported us in pulling off the vision in mind!




For the third year in a row ProLX Productions took on St Johns Prom in Marlborough and produced the most technically advanced event the school had ever seen. Supplying a full scale production including, lighting, sound, pyrotechnics and DJ for a packed venue of students.
What makes this event so special is the blank canvas we have to work with to create a show that is bigger and better than the previous year, and so far we've managed to do that every year.

Equipment Supplied 

EV ELX 118's
EV ELX 112's

Elation Rayzor Q7's
Elation FuzeZ350
Elation Six Par 100's
Martin Atomic's
Martin Mac 550's
3in1 10r Beams
Neo Neon LED Strobes
LED Light Bar8's 
ColorBand Pix 
TriPar Profiles

Unique 2.0 Hazer
Chauvet Gysers
Le Maitre Pyro Pods
Le Maitre Controller



The Phoenix Festival 2017

The Phoenix Festival, held in the Abbey Ground, attracts over 17,000 people over the course of the bank holiday weekend with a variety of bands and acts across 3 stages. 

The challenge we faced this year was trying to make it bigger and better than the previous years and we made sure we did absolutely that! 

With each stage requiring more lighting, we had to deliver something that would be knockout and a visual treat for the crowd. 

This was made easy with the use of ROBE lighting Spiiders with there incredible brightness, zoom range and flower effect. Elation Professional Six Par 300IP's, used for both stage wash and all the architectural lighting around the grounds, Six Par 100's, Six Bar 500's, Rayzor Q7's and Fuze Wash Z350's. 

We also increased the size of the DMT Dutch Media Tools video screen to fill the back of the stage for live camera relay, visual effects and logos all supplied and operated by Clearsound Productions who did an amazing job.

All while being controlled via ChamSys MQ60 with extra wing, PC Wing and MA on PC with command wing.

An overall fantastic weekend with perfect weather to top it all off.

Such a great festival to be a part of with an amazing bunch of vollenteers willing to help with anything. 

Thanks to all the crew who smashed it over the 4 days we were on site, made 'light' work of big task we had to face. 

See you again next year for something bigger and better!

Equipment Used:

Robe Spiiders
Elation Six Par 300IP's
Elation Six Par 100's
Elation Six Bar 500's
Elation Rayzor Q7's
Elation Fuze Wash Z350's
Martin Mac 550's
Martin Atomic Strobes
Showtec Active Sunstrip
Showtec LEDBar8
Neo Neon LED Strobes
American DJ Tri Par Profiles
Chauvet Colorband Pix
3 in 1 10r Beams
eLumen8 1RE Beams
eLumen8 Reflector Beam
650W Fresnels
ADJ Entour Venue Hazer
Unique 2.0 Haze
DMT Dutch Media Tools Pixel Mesh 


ChamSys MQ60
ChamSys Extra Wing
ChamSys PC Wing
MA on PC with command wing